The construction of the Virtual Memorial is done by successive phases with the progressive integration of new “index-cards” of combatants that have been done from the registers or the cemeteries they were buried into:

In November 2004, we’ve integrated into the database all the French, German and British combatants dead between September and December 1914, namely around 4,000 index card.

In January 2005, we added to the database French and German combatants dead in January 1915 in the Cave of the Dragoon during the battle of the Creute.

In April 2005, on the occasion of Nivelle’s offensive commemorations, we integrated the French and German combatants buried in the French and German cemeteries of Cerny-en-Laonnois.

Then in October 2006, for the Virtual Memorial new version, all the combatants buried in the French cemeteries of Berry-au-Bac, Pontavert, Craonnelle, Soupir I and Vailly-sur-Aisne and in the German cemeteries of Laon-Bousson, Mons-en-Laonnos and Veslud were added to the database.

The data relating to the French combatants come from the cemeteries registers that were passed on to us by the corresponding villages.
Concerning the information about the German and the British, they were passed on to us by our partners.

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